RPAS Ops Types

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) create exciting new possibilities for the use of aircraft commercially. Having no requirement for a pilot on board an aircraft means that RPA’s can be incredibly small, light and manoeuvrable. RPA’s can and are being introduced in a broad range professional fields such as the following:


  • Aerial Photography
    • Still and Motion
    • Low Level Filming
    • Broadcast Events (e.g. Sports Matches) <Video: UAV @ Wacca>
    • Digital 3D Surface Modelling
  • Aerial Spotting
    • Fauna
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Marine Life
    • Radio Tracking
    • Search and Rescue
  • Aerial Survey
    • Geographic
    • Magnetic
    • Seizmic
    • Spectoral
    • Geochemical Sampling
    • Pipeline Inspection;
    • Power Line Inspection
    • Power pole inspection
    • Mine Site monitoring
    • Property Survey
    • Surveillance
    • Crowd Control
  • Agriculture
    • Seeding
    • Chemical Spraying
    • Solids Application
  • Dropping
    • Water and Fire Retardant
    • Incendiaries for Forest Ignition
    • Food and Fodder
    • Messages
    • Parachutes – Equipment and Personnel
    • Animal Baiting
    • Cloud Seeding
  • Environmental
    • Oil and Chemical Dispersants
    • Anti-Poaching
The Nine Network is very pleased with the level of professionalism and service that RPAS Training & Solutions has provided us. Our success in creating our world-class nationwide drone operation is in no small part due to the top quality training our pilots receive from their RePL course.
Michael Sammut
Chief Remote Pilot
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