Reporting illegal drone operations

CASA has an online Unsafe drone operations complaint form.

Report unsafe drone operations, but first make sure that you know the regulations.

Find the online form on the CASA website by clicking this link.

Have you witnessed unsafe remotely piloted aircraft (drone) operations?

Complete this form on the CASA website to notify CASA of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations you believe may have breached civil aviation safety regulations.

If you need to review the safety rules that apply to drones / UAV / RPA then you can watch this CASA on-line eLearning module for information on the safety rules that apply.

PRIVACY ISSUES: Please note that as the safety regulator, the issue of privacy is not in CASA’s remit and therefore they cannot enforce privacy related matters.

Safety breaches can only be investigated where there is sufficient evidence, such as photos or video recordings of the breach and the person controlling the drone/RPA at the time.

Your details

Did you see any of the following?

  • Evidence

    CASA is unable to pursue enforcement action unless we have sufficient evidence.

    CASA requires you to provide photographic/video evidence showing the possible safety breach. If this footage does not clearly display the individual operating the drone/RPA, further evidence may be required.

    If you want to report a youtube or other online video, or for any evidence already located online, please provide the URL.

    The CASA evidence form cannot accept files that exceed 10MB. If you wish to supply larger files, please contact the CASA RPAS Team via the email above on how to do this.

    Where did this incident occur?

    The more accurate location you can provide the better the canges are for CASA to identify the event.

  • Incident details

    When did this incident occur?

  • What type of remotely piloted aircraft was involved?

    *Please note: Operational limitations for the safe operation of unmanned aircraft may vary depending on whether the aircraft is being used for commercial or recreational purposes.
  • Who was operating the RPA?