RPAS Operations Manual

RPAS Operations Manual

The construction and comprehensive understanding of a business’s RPAS Operations manual is critical in order to ensure the safety, efficiency and profitability of a business’s RPA operations.

Presentation of a completed operations manual is also a mandatory part when applying to CASA for an RPAS Operators Certificate. RPAS Training will compile your operations manual for you, utilising the expert knowledge of our staff.

A typical operations manual would include the following chapters:

  • Part A – Company Operations
  • Part B – Operating RPAS 
  • Part C – Internal Training
  • Part D – Operations
  • Part E – RPAS Training School (this will be empty for most organisations)
  • Part F – Maintenance Control Procedures

RPAS Operational Library

The specifics of how your business will conduct various types of operations must be detailed in your Operational Library. This is not directly assessed by CASA but is still necessary for compliance. The Operational Library also contains information about your aircraft flight and maintenance manuals.

For the latest official information, email uas@casa.gov.au and request a UAV operator’s certificate information pack.

The Nine Network is very pleased with the level of professionalism and service that RPAS Training & Solutions has provided us. Our success in creating our world-class nationwide drone operation is in no small part due to the top quality training our pilots receive from their RePL course.
Michael Sammut
Chief Remote Pilot
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