Drone Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is mandatory for any RPAS Operations. RPAS Operator Certificate applicants must have public liability insurance for their application to be approved by CASA.

Our ‘excluded category’ or sub 2kg drone training is certified by QBE and allows you to obtain insurance as an excluded category flyer without having to pass your RePL.

Public Liability Insurance can be expensive.

Make sure that you have contacted your insurance provider to gain a quote for your public liability insurance and commence the arrangements to be granted insurance for your RPAS operation. 

Insurance costs can be significant depending upon your operations and unique situation. Based on experience for a fairly straight forward RPAS operation the Public Liability Insurance can be around $4000 – $6000 per year. (This is ONLY for a general indication and have absolutely no relation to your unique situation so please do not take this as a fact or any legal information). RPAS training would like to warn you that if you do get an ‘unbelievable’ quote for RPAS Liability Insurance (such as $500 – $1500) then make sure that you read the fine-print again as you may not be insured for what you think you are.

It is currently difficult to include RPAS Public Liability Insurance to cover live sport events, public festivals and operations over populous areas. There are several aviation insurance brokers around Australia that you could contact to find out more.

We have reviewed the questions and information required to provide the insurance brokers for a quote and incorporate as much into our Operations Manuals to make the Public Liability Insurance application process easier and hopefully save you some money too. (There is no guarantee that this will save you money, we just try to make it as easy as possible for you to identify and share the information with the insurance brokers and that is as much as we can do)


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