Remote Operator Certificate – ReOC

Note: the UAV Operator’s Certificate (UOC) has been replaced by the RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) as of 29 September 2016.

A COMPANY needs to obtain a RPA Operator Certificate (ReOC). (The people flying for the company will obtain a Remote Pilot License (RePL) or a UAV Controller Certificate (UAV CC))

  • A Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC or OC) authorises a business to conduct RPAS operations for profit or commercial gain.
  • To be accredited, a business must show that they have met mandatory requirements set by CASA and have a suitable organisational culture and business model for safe Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations
  • RPAS Training and Solutions Pty Ltd aids our clients in obtaining the relevant qualifications for a RPA Operator’s Certificate

To obtain a RPA Operator’s Certificate your company needs to undertake the following steps:

  1. Develop the Operations Manual and Operational Procedures which will detail how you will operate safely and legally.
  2. Submit these to CASA along with Forms 101-02 and 101-04 and pay the CASA assessment fee.
  3. Complete an assessment with a CASA representative who will assess your knowledge of safety practices.

You may complete this process 100% yourself  or you can engage our services to help you with this process. We utilise our personal training to ensure that you are familiar with CASA processes and requirements rather than just give you manuals and wish you good luck and never deal with you again.

In addition, we have created a software suite called Drone Complier where we don’t only teach you about the topics required in the UOC manuals but we also setup your business to be CASA compliant as you complete your flying day in and day out. It works on Android, iOS & browsers. This will ensure you are ready for any CASA audit any day of the year.

See also the official CASA ReOC page.


Official RPAS Operators are companies that have officially applied for and had their RPA Operator Certificates issued by the national civil aviation authority. Some examples of these regulating authorities are CASA in Australia, FAA in the USA, CAA is South Africa and the UK etc.

If you operate a UAV / RPA / Drone with a takeoff weight of over 2kg in a commercial or business related environment in Australia for any of the following special operations (this list is a short sample and does not mention every type, it is only used to give you an idea) you need a ReOC from CASA.

  • Aerial advertising
  • Aerial Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Aerial spotting
  • Aerial survey
  • Powerline inspections
  • Agricultural operations
  • Low level aerial mapping

If your RPA is under 2kg but you want gain approval to fly outside the standard operating conditions, you will also need to obtain a ReOC.

Official UAS terminology:

UAV : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Also known as a drone.

UAS : Unmanned Aircraft System

RPA : Remotely Piloted Aircraft

RPAS : Remotely Piloted Aircraft System

RP : Remote Pilot

CC : Controller Certificate

RePL : Remote Pilot License

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