Remote Pilot Certificate Course (RPC)

For those without prior aviation experience, our Remote Pilot Certificate course is the easiest way to obtain your CASA UAV Controller’s Certificate.

A Remote Pilot Certificate course requires BOTH theory & practical components of flying in a series of lessons to complete one course.

The Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) is focused solely on Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and follows a process of competency based training in order to achieve the RPC. If you wish to fly a RPA multi-copter below 7kg and will only fly in Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) the RPC is a good option to take as it does not require you to pass a CASA PPL Theory exam which means there is a lot less parrot learning involved.

You still require the company that you will fly for to hold a CASA issued  UAV Operator Certificate in order to fly commercially.

Completion of our RPC course will allow you to fly any multi-rotor <7 kg. That can be a DJI Phantom 2, Inspire 1 or a F450 or Scarab etc as long as it is below 7 kg. At some of our courses we can also provide certification for multi-rotors <20 kg or fixed-wings <7 kg. We don’t just train you to get the tick but focus on creating a professional aviation culture.

We offer 2 types of Remote Pilot Certificate courses:

Face to Face: 5-Day Theory and Practical

  • Study online with access to our RPC theory course videos (if you wish).
  • Courses are scheduled in major capital cities each week.
  • The 5 day course practical assessment consists of the
    • RPC Theory training in the classroom
    • AROC Radio Certificate
    • RPC Theory assessment
    • Flight Assessment
  • Once all is complete, your paperwork will be sent to CASA and your RPC will be received within 4 weeks.
  • We keep the class as small as possible. Usually 3–6 people.
  • Price : $2970 inc. GST

Blended Delivery: Online Study with 2-Day Practical Assessment

  • Receive study material by mail.
  • Study online with access to our RPC theory course videos.
  • Complete our online practice exams to complete self-assessments.
  • Practise the manoeuvres for the flight assessment
  • If you require assistance, book a Skype conference call with our instructor.
  • Once you are comfortable with your knowledge, book the 2 day practical assessment at your nearest capital city.
  • The 2 day practical assessment consists of the AROC Radio Certificate and the Flight Assessment.
  • Once online theory, 2 day assessment is complete, your documentation will be sent to CASA and you will receive your UAV Controller’s Certificate within 4 weeks.
  • Price : $2970 inc. GST

The Remote Pilot Certificate course syllabus:

  • RTS001 RPA Aerodynamics Rotary
  • RTS002 Navigation
  • RTS003 Energy Management LiPo Batteries
  • RTS004 RPA Air Law
  • RTS005 Multi-Rotor Under 7 kg
  • RTS006 AROC
  • RTS007 Meteorology
  • RTS008 Human Factors
  • RTS009 Risk Assessment
  • RTS010 Flight Assessment

Why train with us?

  • Unlike many training organisations, RPAS Training & Solutions will not compete against you. Our aim is to provide you with quality solutions and ensure that you do not feel restricted with implementing your ideas.
  • We conduct the 2-day practical assessment in your nearest capital city.

UAV Operations Management Software: Drone Complier

We have also developed Drone Complier: a software package that will help you to comply with all CASA regulations when you use it.

It will manage your:

  • Battery health and logbook
  • Pilot logbook
  • RPA flight logbook
  • Maintenance logbook
  • Checklists & much more
  • It even tells you if you are flying near a restricted area!