Aircraft Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)

The Qualification

  • Holding an Aircraft Radio Operator’s Certificate (AROC) is a requirement for all aviators; this includes Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operators.
  • Consequently, it is a requirement by CASA that an AROC is held by any Remote Pilot / UAV Controller applicant.
  • The course accredits a person to operate Radios and other relevant aviation communications equipment on-board aircraft and on the ground.
  • Successful completion will allow the student to operate in both a Standard and Emergency operating environment
  • From September 2014 CASA requires an English Language Proficiency (ELP) test to be completed as well – this is included in our RPC course.

The Course 

  • The AROCP is a component of the Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) Course, however we can offer this course separately on request

Download the official CASA Syllabus