RPC & UOC Manuals & RPAS Logger only $4899


RPC & UOC Manuals & RPAS Logger only $4899

$4,899.00 incl GST

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Product Description

The ultimate solution to obtain your CASA UAV Operator Certificate:

  • Remote Pilot Certificate Course. Choose  between
    • 5-day Remote Pilot Certificate Course or
    • 2-day RPC course with online RPC theory study.
  • UOC Application support. We support you in developing your UOC manuals until it is ready to submit to CASA
  • RPAS Logger Enterprise.
    • Setup your UOC manuals in RPAS Logger and stay current with all your CASA UOC compliance management.
    • 6 Months free subscription for up to 3 users.
  • (Other fees will be an estimated $4500-$5500 to CASA for the UOC processing)

The Remote Pilot Certificate course syllabus:

  • RTS001 RPA Aerodynamics Rotary
  • RTS002 Navigation
  • RTS003 Energy Management LiPo Batteries
  • RTS004 RPA Air Law
  • RTS005 Multi Rotor <7kg Theory
  • RTS006 AROC
  • RTS007 Meteorology
  • RTS008 Human Factors
  • RTS009 Risk Assessment
  • RTS010 Flight Assessment

We try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate our clients there is no specific date for this course. As long as we have 2 people available we will arrange to complete the 2-day assessment as soon as possible in your home city.

  • Receive study material by mail.
  • If you want to you can study online with access to our RPC theory course videos before the course starts.
  • The online course requires us to facilitate a face to face theory and practical assessment.
  • Complete the AROC practical assessment.
  • Once you are finished we will send your paperwork to CASA and you will have your RPC within weeks.
  • We keep the class as small as possible. We have a maximum of 8 students per course.


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