What is an ARN and why do I need one?

An ARN is an Aviation Reference Number. It is similar to an account number or customer number and it should be quoted whenever you call CASA. It is your own unique identifier. If you hold a licence or permission you will find in most cases that the number on the licence or permission is the ARN belonging to the entity that holds that licence or permission.

It is important to keep your contact details up to date so that when CASA needs to contact you we have your current details. This avoids licences, certificates and registrations being sent to the wrong address and causing you problems. It is a legislative requirement to notify change in contact details for security background checks and if you have an aircraft registration. 

How do I apply for an ARN?

If you are an individual who needs an ARN, you need to complete an application form (Form 1162). If you are a company you need to complete Form 1170. You should forward the form, together with a clear and legible copy of one piece of identification to CLARC. You can forward these papers by mail to CLARC, CASA, GPO Box 2005, Canberra ACT 2601, by fax to 1 300 737 187 (+61 2 6217 1899 if faxing from outside of Australia) or by emailing to clarc@casa.gov.au

The CASA ARN FAQ page can be found by clicking here.

The CASA ARN FAQ includes topics such as: