The Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course is the easiest way to start flying your RPA (aka Drone) commercially in Australia.

A Remote Pilot Licence course requires BOTH theory & practical components of flying an RPA in a series of lessons to complete the course.

There are two ways to gain your RePL:

  1. If you have no prior aviation knowledge, you will need to complete a Remote Pilot Licence course with an RPAS Training Provider.
  2. If you have previously completed a Private Pilot Theory exam or hold a PPL, CPL, HPL or ATPL, you will need to do an Operation (Practical Type) Training.

RPAS Training & Solutions is a CASA approved Training Provider for both options for RePL certification.

You require a CASA issued RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) in order to fly commercially with the privilages of a Remote Pilot License. Without the ReOC you can only fly under the Standard Operating Conditions (SOC ) of the Excluded category. The ReOC holder can be yourself, or the company you fly for.

Completion of our RePL course will allow you to fly any multi-rotor <7 kg. That can be a DJI Phantom, Inspire or a Mavic etc as long as it is below 7 kg.

At select locations we can also provide variation certification for multi-rotors <25 kg or fixed-wings <7 kg

We don’t just train you to get the tick but focus on creating a professional aviation culture.

Without prior aviation experience,

We offer 2 options for Remote Pilot Licence courses

5-Day Course : Both Theory and Practical Flight Training

  • Courses are scheduled in major capital cities each week.
  • All course training materials provided.
  • Study online with access to our RePL theory course videos (if you wish).
  • The 5 day course consists of:
    • RePL Theory training in the classroom
    • AROC Radio Certificate
    • ELP English Language Proficiency Test
    • RePL Theory assessment
    • Flight Training and Assessment
  • Once all is complete, your paperwork will be sent to CASA and your RePL will be received within 2 weeks.
  • We keep the class as small as possible with a maximum of 5 people per instructor.

Online Theory with 2-Day Practical Flight Training

  • Study online with access to our RePL theory course videos.
  • Complete our online practice exams to complete self-assessments.
  • Practice the manoeuvres for the flight assessment.
  • If you require assistance, our instructors can assist.
  • Book the 2 day practical assessment at your nearest capital city once you are comfortable with your knowledge,.
  • The 2 day practical assessment consists of the AROC Radio Certificate, English Language Proficiency test, Final Exam and the Flight Assessment.
  • Once online theory, 2 day assessment is complete, your paperwork will be sent to CASA and your RePL will be received within 2 weeks.
The Nine Network is very pleased with the level of professionalism and service that RPAS Training & Solutions has provided us. Our success in creating our world-class nationwide drone operation is in no small part due to the top quality training our pilots receive from their RePL course.
Michael Sammut
Chief Remote Pilot

With formal aviation experience or a RePL,

We offer Operation (Practical Type) Training for initial or variation Remote Pilot Licencing in the following categories:

Multirotors <7kg

Multirotors 7-25kg

fixed wing < 7kg


  • Applicants who have completed the PPL Theory Exam or hold a PPL, CPL, HPL or ATPL would be eligible for Operation (Practical Type) Training.

    • Type Training Assessments consists of a theory component and a practical flying assessment.
    • The course is a one to two day course (dependent on flying experience).
    • The topics included in the course are:
      • Multirotor Systems or Fixed Wing Systems
      • LiPo Battery Management
      • Transmitters
      • Maintenance and operations
      • Safety and Risk Management
      • Practical flying assessment
    • Courses are scheduled in major capital cities, please contact us for next availabilities.
    • Once all is complete, you will be issued with a Certificate and information on CASA submission.


  • Applicants who have previously completed RePL training are eligible to add a type variation of the Multirotor 7kg-25kg or Fixed Wing <7kg.

    • Variation Training Assessments consist of a type-specific theory component and a practical flying assessment.
    • The course is a one to two day course. (Dependent on flying experience).
    • Please enquire directly for next availability.

RePL Course Syllabus

  • RTS001 RPA Aerodynamics Rotary
  • RTS002 Navigation
  • RTS003 Energy Management LiPo Batteries
  • RTS004 RPA Air Law
  • RTS005 Multi-Rotor Under 7 kg
  • RTS006 AROC and ELP
  • RTS007 Meteorology
  • RTS008 Human Factors
  • RTS009 Risk Assessment
  • Practical Assessment : Training & Assessment on the category you will be flying

Other RePL Requirements


Prior to making any application with CASA, you will be required to obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN). This is CASA’s system of maintaining and tracking all correspondence related to you and your operations.


You need to have logged at least 5 hours on each category type you will be flying. Logs should include the airframe used, flight location, duration of flight, batteries used, other comments (such as weather conditions).

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