RPAS Training Price List

Our regular price of $2700 for the 5-day or Online & 2-day practical RePL course is on offer for a limited time for  $2490.

We also have the same price in every location around Australia, with no location surcharge. We have instructors in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and SA and we frequently offer courses in Tasmania, ACT, NT and Fiji. We can travel to you. A recent course in September 2018 took place in Normanton QLD

Our RePL course is ALL INCLUSIVE and GST-Free which means that you will not have to pay anything extra to CASA:

  • 5-Day Theory and practical assessment RePL Course. 
  • Online Theory course is available with a 2-day practical assessment.
  • The RePL is for the <7kg (<25 kg see variation costs below) 
  • Theory training and practical assessment for the Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
  • FREE ELP – English Language Proficiency (Usually $110 and required by CASA to issue the AROC)
  • The CASA RePL application fee (Can be up to $90 – Included with us)
  • Training Materials (including VTC and classroom ERSA manual)
  • Checklist of manoeuvres and preparation video provided to prepare for the flight assessment
  • We also GUARANTEE that we will not compete with your current business or future company services as other training companies do.

How much does it cost?

RePL Remote Pilot Licence: RePL (5 Day or Online with 2 Day Face-to-face)

$2700 (or $2490 GST-Free if you complete the form below)

RePL & ReOC Combination Bundle Package 

RePL + ReOC + Free 12-Month Drone Complier Subscription (Drone Complier is the official CASA “Can I Fly There?” app and web portal at casa.dronecomplier.com)

$3980 (GST Free or GST Included where appropriate)


  • RePL Remote Pilot Licence (5 day) – please refer to (RePL) for inclusions
  • ReOC CASA Remote Operation Manuals – please refer to (ReOC) for inclusions
  • Drone Complier Setup Fee
  • Drone Complier – 12 mths subscription for 5 users
  • Ongoing Support / Assistance

Operation (Practical Type) Training – (existing aviation certification (eg PPL / CPL / HPL / RePL) holders only)

  • Multirotors <7kg $595 (GST-Free)
  • Multirotors 7-25kg $750 (GST-Free)
  • Fixed Wing <7kg $595 (GST-Free)

For applicants who have completed the PPL Theory Exam or hold a PPL, CPL, HPL or ATPL would be eligible for Operation (Practical Type) Training. Additional costing outside of RPAS Training & Solutions is $160 RePL application fee to CASA.

For applicants who have completed the RePL training are eligible to add a Variation to Existing Licence (Operation Only) of the Multi-Rotor <25kgs or Fixed Wing <7kgs.

Please email us at info@rpastraining.com.au for more information.

ReOC CASA Remote Operation Manuals only

ReOC Manuals, Support and free 12-Month Subscription to Drone Complier

$1490 (GST Included)


  • Supporting you through the ReOC process
  • ReOC Assessment assistance online videos and modules
  • Development of Operation Manuals + RPAS Operational Library (based on CASA template)
  • Access to Drone Complier, a software application we have created for managing your operations and compliance (12mth subscription incl. 5 users)
  • Allows you to have your logs, compliance, safety management system plus more all in the one software
  • Ongoing Support / Assistance

Additional Costings outside of RPAS Training & Solutions.

  • Depending on whether you send your ReOC application to CASA or via a delegate authority (Flight Data Systems) there is an Application fee which is approximately $1500-$2000.
  • Renewal Fee – Currently, there are no renewal fees for Remote Pilot Licences (RePL). For Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) the renewal approval process is estimated at $480. Please note that an initial issue ReOC will be valid for 12 months, with subsequent renewals at three yearly intervals.
  • Public Liability Insurance (Aviation Insurance) – We recommend QBE Insurance.

Drone Flyer 101 QBE Approved Sub 2kg Workshop

1- Day training Drone Flyer 101  $495 (GST Included)

  • Full Day Training with Flight Time on our Fleet of Phantoms
  • Full QBE Certification for sub 2kg Public Liability Insurance
  • Online modules
  • Learn to Fly Before You Buy
  • Be Ready to Turn Your Hobby into a Profession
  • Learn the Rules for Safe and Legal Professional Flights:
    • Introduction to the Standard Operating Conditions and Air Law
    • Multi-Rotor Aerodynamics, LiPo batteries