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Australia's Drone, UAV, RPAS Trainer since 2012

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority : CASA

CASA Certified (CASA.ReOC.0046)

  • < 25Kg Commercial Drone Training
  • < 25Kg Commercial Drone Training
  • < 7kg Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
  • < 7kg Fixed Wing Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
  • < 2kg QBE Insurance Approved Drone Training
  • Type Training : 0-7kg & 7-25kg multi-rotor and <7kg Fixed Wing
  • AROC: Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate
  • ELP: English Language Proficiency testing by our own instructors, no need to go to a testing center.
  • Online RePL courses and Instructor lead training

QBE Insurance approved Remote Pilot Training school

Our sub-2kg (excluded category) course is certified by QBE insurance and enables you to get drone operations insurance without a ReOC or RePL.

There are only 4 CASA certified training organisations in Australia that can provide this service.

Make sure you ask before you book. 

3500+ Pilots Trained

Since 2012 we have helped Australian drone companies develop their UAV Operator certificates (now ReOC) and pilots gain their UAV Controller Certificates, now Remote Pilot Licenses (RePL). 

We have weekly courses around Australia with full-time employees in most states.

Drone Operations

About <2kg drone laws

Since 29 September 2016, CASA’s regulations allow people to fly a very small (<2kg) Remotely Piloted Aircraft or Drone commercially.

Those operating in the excluded RPA category will have to notify CASA at least 5 business days before their first commercial flight and will need to operate by the Standard Operating Conditions.

>2kg Commercial

In order to fly a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) aka Drone / UAV legally in Australia outside of the excluded category for commercial purpose, you are required to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

RPAS Training and Solutions (RTS) offers competency-based training which consists of theory and practical components.

See our Licences and Certification page for more information.

Can I Fly There? CASA app

Our sister company Drone Complier is proud to have developed the first official Excluded Flight Area app, showing Australian drone pilots where it is safe to fly.

Drone Complier produces management software for professional drone operators. Streamline your paperwork with our web-based and mobile apps

CASA-approved Remote Pilot Licence Training Organisation

We help you attain all the certifications you need to fly your drone commercially

Why partner with us, Australia's original and leading RPAS Training Organisation?

  • Online Remote Pilot Theory courses are available and combined with a 2-day practical course.
  • We use DJI Phantoms and Matrice drones as our training UAVs.
  • Our instructors include former fighter pilots, airline pilots (eg. Virgin Australia) and experienced drone pilots across Australia.
  • Our classes are limited to five (5) students per instructor. Some other training organisations go up to 10 students per instructor.
  • We have campuses around Australia and have courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Kiama, Darwin, and Cairns. 
  • ALL Inclusive costs for Remote Pilot Licence Training courses: Radio Certificate, CASA Application fee, English Language Proficiency & Practical Training included. No extra costs.
  • CASA certified RPAS Training for Multirotor <7kgs &  < 25kg, Fixed Wing <7kgs
  • Excluded Category (Sub-2kg) courses are certified by QBE to enable non-RePL pilots to obtain drone public liability insurance
  • We have trained 1000’s of Remote Pilots in Australia
  • RPAS Training’s sister company, Drone Complier, developed and maintains the CASA “Can I Fly There?” app. We really understand all the needs for a RPAS company from the basics to advanced requirements.  
  • We have submitted Remotely Operated Certificate (ReOC) manuals for and supported 100’s of companies.

Our curriculum and ReOC covers and includes night operations and close proximity (15m) operations :

  • RTS001 RPA Aerodynamics Rotary
  • RTS002 Navigation
  • RTS003 Energy Management LiPo Batteries
  • RTS004 RPA Air Law
  • RTS005 “Unrestricted” Manufacturer Training & Assessment
  • RTS006 AROC – Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate
  • RTS007 Meteorology
  • RTS008 Human Factors
  • RTS009 Risk Assessment
  • RTS010 Flight Assessment
  • English Language Proficiency Tests (by our own qualified instructors) A $110 saving and no frustration trying to get an appointment at exam venues. 

Still have further questions, visit our FAQs page. 

Upcoming RePL Courses Across Australia

You own or represent a BUSINESS/COMPANY and need a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)

You will be known as a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) Holder.

A ReOC holder can employ one or more Remote Pilots (individual pilots).

To apply for a ReOC, the business/company needs to develop an Operations Manual and an RPAS Operational Library.

The nominated Chief Controller will then be assessed by CASA on their knowledge of the safety practices outlined in the manuals as well as a sound knowledge of the regulations.

We can assist with preparation of the manuals and help you prepare for your assessment.

Read more on our ReOC page

Are you an INDIVIDUAL and want to fly drones commercially.

You will need a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

The RePL Training course is available as a:

  • 5 day face-to-face course
  • Online + 2 days face-to-face course*

*Please contact us for online prerequisites.

The course includes both a theoretical and practical assessment and it is all completed under the one location. Complete the course and your application will be sent to CASA.

Cost: $2490 GST-Free (Australia wide)


  • 5 day Training course or Online modules + 2 day course
  • Practical Flight Training
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Training Materials
  • CASA RePL Fees
  • Staff Support

Please note that the business or company that you will be working under requires a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). 

RPAS Training can assist with the process to obtain the ReOC, including:

  • Development of RPAS Operations Manual & Operational Procedures Library
  • Our Drone Complier software, a useful tool for all Remote Pilots to project manage their operations.
  • Staff Support / IT Support (Drone Complier
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